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Have Tiny Q Draw for You

I have several different styles, one of which you will need to choose from. All prices on the left hand side are for one character without a background. If you want additional characters or a background the prices are on the right hand side. All images are drawn on high quality acid-free 8x11 paper and will be sent in a plastic cover with card backing. If you would like a different paper size I am willing to negotiate. Please note that I will not draw NC-17 or anything that makes me uncomfortable.

Sketches (Pencil Work) - $10 each

Line Work (Black Ink) - $15 each

Inked Scratchy - $20 each

Ink and Pencil Crayon (Coloured Pencils) - $30 each

Pencil and Pencil Crayon - $35 each

Ink, Pencil Crayon, and Copic Marker - $45 each

Ink and Copic Marker* - $45 each
Additional Characters - $5 each

Scratchy Background (Ink and Pencil Crayon) - $5

Simple Background (Ink and Pencil Crayon) - $5

Simple Background (Ink and Copic Marker) - $10

Detailed Background - Negotiable

*I do not have normal skin colours in copics, so if you want "ordinary" skin, then I will need to use Pencil Crayons.

Payment: I will only accept payment in American currency.
-Bank Drafts
-Money Orders
-Cash (be sure to send this carefully, for I will not be responsible if it gets lost along the way)
-Personal Cheques (Canada and USA only)
I will not send your art to you until I have been assured that the funds have been transferred properly into my account.

Within Canada and the US - $2
Outside of Canada and the US - $3

So, do you want me to draw for you? If the answer is yes, please send me an e-mail telling me what you would like me to draw and which technique you would like me to use. I will respond as soon as I can and we can carry on from there. Hope to hear from you!