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Have Tiny Q Draw for You

I have several different styles, one of which you will need to choose from. All prices on the left hand side are for one character without a background. If you want additional characters or a background the prices are on the right hand side. All images are drawn on high-quality, acid-free, 8x11 paper, which I spray with a final fixative before putting in a plastic cover with card backing. If you would like a different paper size I am willing to negotiate.

Sketches - $20 each

Line Work - $25 each

Pencil and Pencil Crayon - $45 each

Ink and Pencil Crayon - $45 each

Ink, Pencil Crayon, and Copic Marker - $55 each

Ink and Copic Marker - $55 each
Additional Characters - $10 each

Simple Background (Mixed Media) - $10-$15

Detailed Background (Mixed Media) - Negotiable

Previous Commissions:

I will assume that I can put the commissioned piece up in my gallery, as an example of my work, unless you say otherwise. The image itself is your own, and I will not make prints ect to make a profit off of it once it is in your possession.

Within Canada and the US - $2
Outside of Canada and the US - $3

Rush Fee:
Each Image takes any where from 10-30 hours, depending on how intense it is. Due to this, I usually take over a month or two to create a piece (I like to leave a sketch for over a week so I can pick up on mistakes ect). However, I can do the image in less than a month, but I will either charge you an extra 20% of the total price, or however much it costs to send the image via rush shipping (About $20).

I only accept payment in Canadian currency, and I would prefer to use PayPal to keep things simple. I will drop your piece in the mail after the funds have been transfered into my account.

So, do you want me to draw for you? If the answer is yes, then please send me an e-mail telling me what you would like me to draw and which technique you would like me to use. I will respond as soon as I can and we can carry on from there.