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~Gin Chan
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Tiny Q Bio:
Alias: Gin Chan
Name: Sylvia Moon
Age: 17, not 18 until after summer (boo hoo)
Location: Alberta, Canada
Hair Color: Dark Brown, seriously
Height: 5'3" or 4"
Eye Color: Brown
House: Gryffindor or Sytherin, for real. I'm too dumb to be in Ravenclaw, and I procrastinate too much to be in Hufflepuff.

Web Site:

Music: I like myoozik! ^_^ Mostly alternative, rock, dance, R&B, hip hop, rap, and then I listen to international and classics... oh and instrumentals too!(Final Fantasy!)
Bands: No Doubt, Sum 41, cKy, and now Sean Paul.
Movies: Mmmm... films. I'm a movie marathoner 4 life!!! Some favorites are Holy Grail, Moulin Rouge, Down With Love, Matrix, Lil&Stitch, loads of Disney movies I like and gotta love Harry Potter!
TV Show: I enjoy watching a crapload of television... like Friends, Yu-gi-oh, Much on Demand, X-men:Evolution, and lots of others. Most of them time I watch sports, HOCKEY!!!!
Book Series: Don't usually read books, Harry Potter is one of them... tried to read the LOTR... I like singular books. Just read "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Something... I forgot her name but it was a terribly good book! XD
Harry Potter Character: Harry Potter, Severus Snape, and then throw the rest of them in at thrid!
Activites: Drawing, sleeping, eating, drinking, going out on fridays, movie actors, hockey and hockey players, Tim Hortons, taking amusing pictures... I have yet to be witness of a 360 parking job(by Nicole).

Philosophies and Advice on Life:
1.) Just because I won't get up, doesn't mean I'm dead.
2.) There's just something about WEM(West Edmonton Mall) that makes you go crazy.
3.) Driving fast is fun when you can scream "funny looking" out to people on the highway.
4.) Don't ever underetimate the silent ones, they must be more screwed up in the mind that you are.

Views on Harry Potter:
~Harry is omnipotent!
~Draco is in need of some hot face action!
~Remus Lupin is awesome, he's not a scraggy thin-assed bum with no where better to go. He is not weak nor is he a puny punk.
~Snape rules all!
~Does this look infected to you?
~Harry is meant to have slightly to more so curly hair.
~I'm sick and tired of people drawing Draco as the "dark, evil, sinister" child of Sytherin. He's just a student that has status, what do you call them again... oh yeah! A geno.
~Ginny is not as weak as everyone points out she is.
~Someone will get agoraphobia(fear of open spaces)!