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Old Updates:

December 7, 2003
Well look at me go. I took a break from studying and updated my site. What fun. New art in all of my sections. Well, almost. So please check them out and tell me what you think via my guest book. I have about 20 sketches left in my sketch book to finish which I hope to get working on once exams are done. I have a feeling that after I finish all those that my HP art might begin to slow down. Itís time to start moving onto different things... ~sigh~ It was fun while it lasted though... Oh! And these stupid not-working-adds are driving me batty too. So please don't blame me for them. They're everywhere lately!

November 10, 2003
Hi! Look! Another art update! Stupid school is really putting a downer on the amount of time I have to color, let alone draw. But I put up three new images and four new pottery images. Go me. I have to update a lot of stuff soon. So out of date... ~skips off to eat supper~

October 17, 2003
Yay. I actually managed to update. Even though I should be studying... But yes. I updated my fan fiction section. Finally eh? I will be updating the rest of that section eventually. I also put up new Guest Art and new Collab art. All cheer. Well yes, Gin is getting mad so I have to cut this short. Cheers!

September 22, 2003
Well, school is well on itís way. ~sniff~ I want my freedom! Bah. I havenít really had much time to draw, let alone work on my site. But I have got half of the fun stuff section done. I just need to tweek it. A lot. Anyhoo, I put up 5 new pics in my sections. I have Ginís art, a few colabs, a fan fic update and some pottery on the way. Eventually. Anyhoo, enjoy! Oh! And thanks for the 10 000+ hits!!! It means so much to me! :p

August 20, 2003
Well, another day, another update. I have received a lot of new guest art, so you should all go check it out. Itís all so pretty! And please, if you want to submit some of your own art, check out the new rules. (Theyíre on the Guest Art page) As well, I have put up a bunch of new art in most of my sections. Itís the stuff I drew after finishing OotP, so if you donít want any spoilers, donít click on those images in the Scenes section under OotP. But thatís common sense after all. Anyhoo, I actually put up doodles too. Hurray! Sloppy art! And Gin will be putting up some new art soon too. She has almost a full book of images. Hurray for Gin having nothing to do at her work!! But then, I shouldnít really say anything. I get to deal with demonic children every other day. If only they were quiet little angel children... ~wanders off~

July 31, 2003
Well my initial plan to update on my birthday didnít happen, so I suppose Harry Potterís B-Day will have to suffice. ~grin~ Well, as promised there is now new art up in Gin Chanís section as well as the Guest art section. I also have new art in my own section, and you all had better be happy about it cause I worked my butt off to finish it all. Problem is there are still about 20 other pictures to finish, ink, color, scan, repair- But what do you all care, right? I also got rid of the ďUp and ComingĒ section below. It annoyed me. I replaced it with the ďEntertainmentĒ section. Check it out, Ďcause I hope to update it every month or so. ~grin~ Also, please go vote on my new poll. I will have the result of the last one up eventually. Well, now that I have rambled on and on, I will stop. So go check it all out and use my newly vamped Guest Book to tell me what you think. :)

June 18, 2003
Not much of an update today Iím afraid. I really havenít had much time to draw or anything really. But I do have a pile of unfinished sketches in my book, so I guess youíll just have to wait to see them. ~grin~ But I did update the Profiles page. So now if you need to contact Gin or I you can go there and easily find out how. Our bios are also up there, so please donít stalk me. Thatís right. I donít care if you stalk Gin, just donít stalk me!!

May 25, 2003
Wow! I am impressed with myself. Stay up till 4 last night partying and now I am updating. Be proud. Very proud. Anyhoo, new art in my sections and collab section and the guest art section. Gin will have more art up soon but I am lazy today. Sorry. But I did finally take down the Oilers enter sign. They have been out of the Playoffs for like a month... ~sob~ Go Ducks??

April 2, 2003
Hurray! New art! Art in my section! Art in the Guest Art section! And guess what! Gin Chan finally drew some new art! Everyone applaud her! That's right! Now go check it all out and tell us what you think via the Guestbook if you will. ~grin~

March 8, 2003
Hey! More updates by me! Hurray. My art sections have new art and doodles. So do the collab section. Gin will have new art soon as well. Took her long enough. ~sigh~ Just jokes. I will soon be updating the fan fic section as well. So keep visiting!

February 16, 2003
Look! I updated again! My new art is up, so go check it out! I have about 20 more pics to finish in my sketch book, but you'll just have to wait.

January 31, 2003
Wow! Look! I updated! And I got the Fan Fiction section up! Hurray! Ok, so there is no real new fan fiction yet . . . I have to start e-mailing once more. Woe is me. But then, if you would like to send me in some and save me the trouble . . . fell free! ~hint hint~ Never mind. I should be updating again soon. I am having a lot of problems with the bandwidth in my art section. So I suppose once I get all that sorted out I will put up some new art at the same time. Oh goody. Shush up!

December 30, 2002
Ok, I tweaked my art sections. For some odd reason I kept running out of bandwidth. Grr. Stupid free Tripod. ~sigh~ I hope to get the dead sections of the site up and running soon. So just hang tight!

December 26, 2002
Ah ha! I finally updated! Everything! Even my layout! But I'm not quite done yet, so you will have to bear with me. All sections have new art but you will have to wait a bit on the fan fiction. Oh well. Gin Chan did all the headers! Aren't they simply to die for??

September 25, 2002
Well. It took a little longer to update than I thought it would. Sorry about that. But there are a lot of updates! My art, Gin's art and the Guest art all have new additions! Plus there is a new art section! The 'Collaboration Art ' section. Great huh?? Well yes. Lots of new fan fics from both myself and the guest authors. I hope to put up a friend's fan fic section soon too. Just as soon as Lallie writes some more. ~hint hint~ No pressure though. Hmm . . . what else is new?? Oh! New pics in the picture gallery, including the new HP ones from 'Vanity Fair'! They're great, go check them out! Other than that, I can't think of anything new. So yes, check everything out and hope that I don't take so long to update again.

August 8, 2002
Yes. This is probably going to be the last update for this month unless Gin Chan decides to hack in again and update herself. ~hint hint~ Anyhoo, new art for myself and Gin Chan. New chapters in HP fan fics as well. Before I leave I just might add the 15th chapter for 'Serpent's Bride' but I won't notify you if I do, so just keep your fingers crossed and eyes peeled. Other than that, HAVE A FANTASTIC SUMMER!

July 31, 2002
Ok! New Fan fiction chapters in a few sections. I have also adjusted the Sticky War polls to make them easier to deal with. And remember people, there are 15 rounds. I understand there has been some confusion. I have also added the new back cover of Philosopher's stone after my friend bought all 4 books in one swoop. ~grin~

July 25, 2002
Hmm . . . Deja vu . . . Updating again. ~sigh~ I have no life . . . Anyhoo! New Fan Fiction! In the Harry Potter section! And for all you B5 fans out there, I have also put up J. Michael Straczynski's Space, Time, and the Incurable Romantic. Yes I know, technically it isn't fan fiction, but it is to good not to post! So go check it all out!

July 24, 2002
New Fan Art in both my own and Gin Chan's galleries! Lupin is still the most popular professor! LOL!

July 22, 2002
New Fan Fiction has been added to the Guest Gallery, including a new fic by Gin Chan. As well, many of them have been updated since ffnet is back on-line. I have also added new chapters to my own fics.

July 18, 2002
Well yes, this is Tiny Q. As of now, when ever I update, I will add this little columny thing. And I will rant and rave and tell you about what's new with this site. If you have a problem with this, well then so be it. He He He. Well yes, I finally got the Sticky War done, (Damn annoying that twas) and I just put up new art in all three of the galleries. I have been checking out the polls and it is quite entertaining to see that Professor Lupin has so far been the most popular teacher by about 50%, even though Gin Chan is trying her hardest to make Snape the favorite by voting all the time. ~sigh~ In the next few weeks I hope to get some new art and I am going to be getting a lot more fan fiction soon as well. So keep visiting and make Gin Chan and I smile!