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This site is devoted to the books that we love oh so much. Yup you guessed it: Harry Potter. Whether it's a fancy towards raven black hair, red or platinum blond, you'll find it here. And in all you guy's case, yeah there's also some brunettes and red heads here too. He He He. There is a selection of Fan Art and Fan Fiction by various artists and authors, scattered about this site. But please do not reproduce, copy, or post without the author's or artist's permission. Thank you and enjoy

A Note From Tiny Q: Doodles use to take place in social studies for it was a void of infinite boredom. But it seems that the void has spread to all classes for doodles are popping up all over the place!

A Second Note From Tiny Q: Both Gin Chan and I have refined the art of procrastination. Ok, perhaps Gin is a bit better at it than I am . . . So I'll just say I am lazy. But then Lallie claims to be lazy so she must be better at it than I. Her name also means 'babble' so she is much better a that too. Comapred to her I am but a baby babbler. So what am I then?? Well I suppose I am Q. Yes! I am lazy, a chronic procrastinator (I wrapped my x-mas presents on the way to dinner) and I'm arrogantly omnipotent! Bwa ha ha! Oh shut up.

Yet Another Note From Tiny Q: I do not much care for slash or anything like that. So you will probably not find much or any on this site.

The New and Updated!


January 12, 2004
Happy New Year everybody! Canít believe itís 2004... Anyhoo, this isnít an art update. Just want to say, if people even bother reading this, that I updated my links. I am also working on a new layout that will make it much easier to see what my new images are. Yay. And then I can also get rid of this depressing blackness. But there are a few kinks in the works so I donít know how long itís all going to take. Bah. But yes, check my LiveJournal for updates of every kind. :D

December 23, 2003
Two new pictures in the scenes gallery. Yup. As well, I now have a Livejournal which you can check out to find out about updates on my other galleries, both art and fan fiction. So yes, I hope to work on my site some time this holiday, but who knows if that will ever happen. Happy Holidays everyone!

Old Updates!

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Last Updated on January 12, 2004

I adopted Draco, Ginny and Snapey!

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and objects used on this website belong to their rightful owners, who ever they might be. We are only borrowing them but we will give them back with only a few wrinkles if you ask nicely. So please respect the artist and not us anything without the artist's concent. If you would like to contact the artist, please click on 'Contact us' on the main page or click Here. Tiny Q Back to Enter Page